By registering with International-Dating-Portal, you, hereinafter referred to as the 'customer', accept the following General Terms and Conditions (GT & Cs). They are thus a component of the agreement. If you do not agree, registration is not permitted.

Age restriction
Registering with International-Dating-Portal requires the customer be 18 years of age.

Object of the Agreement
The following services are the object of the agreement:

  • the registration as a user with International-Dating-Portal and the connected creation of a user account / user profile
  • the completion of the user profile including uploading and, if the pictures are approved by International-Dating-Portal, publishing a limited number of photos of the user
  • searching for other registered users to look at their profiles
  • the use of the internal messaging system (mailbox) to exchange messages with other registered users
  • the option of using International-Dating-Portal completely free of charge or purchasing a subscription for additional paid services
  • the autonomous and free de-registration by the customer and the connected deletion of the user account / user profile

Marriage procurement or the initiation of a marriage is explicitly not the object of the agreement.

The purpose of International-Dating-Portal
With the help of the services listed in the object of the agreement section, the customers are given the ability to contact other registered users. The purpose of this contact is solely of a private nature. Information about the user is entered by the customer in the user profile. It is solely the customer's decision which areas of the user profile he/she fills out and which are left empty. The information provided, however, must always be accurate and true. The customer agrees to the following conditions:

  • Only pictures with the user's likeness may be uploaded for publishing. Images with another motif, in particular those containing offensive content (e.g. pornographic images, etc.) will not be approved by International-Dating-Portal.
  • The exchange of messages with other registered users is solely for the purpose of meeting these users privately and must be conducted respectfully. Insulting or offensive messages will not be tolerated.

If these rules are violated by the customer or if International-Dating-Portal suspects the customer is not complying with the above mentioned rules or is using the infrastructure of the portal for a purpose other than privately meeting other users, International-Dating-Portal is authorised to block or delete the customer's user account / user profile without prior warning and without providing grounds. The residual value of a potentially existing subscription will be offset by the damages incurred and will not be returned.

The use of most of the services is free of charge for the customer. If a certain service is not free, the customer will be explicitly notified prior to using it. The customer then has the option of using this service for a limited period of time by purchasing a subscription. The service in question will be activated after successful payment of the subscription. The customer can find details about the paid services on the Costs tab.

Cancellation of a paid subscription by the customer
It is not necessary to cancel a paid subscription because it expires after the contractual duration and does not renew automatically. In any case, the residual value of a paid subscription will not be returned.

Automatic removal of messages after a certain period of time
The storage space for the personal mailbox is limited. For this reason, read and unread messages and messages in the trashcan will be automatically deleted by the system after a certain period of time. More information about these time periods are noted in your mailbox.

Deletion of the user account / user profile by the customer
The customer is always authorised to autonomously delete his/her user account / user profile created during registration free of charge. By deleting the user account / user profile, all of the customer's profile data (this includes portrait and gallery photos, information about the user, information about the person sought, information about the visitors to your profile and all messages in your personal mailbox) will be irrevocably deleted. If a subscription is still active when the account is deleted, it will also be deleted. Any residual value expires and will not be returned to the customer.

Deletion of inactivated user accounts / user profiles by International-Dating-Portal
The user account / user profile created during registration will not be activated until the customer has clicked on the link in the confirmation email which is sent by the system after registration. If the customer does not click on this link, the user account / user profile will remain inactive. If the customer does not confirm within 10 days after receiving the last confirmation email International-Dating-Portal is authorised to delete the inactivated user account without prior warning.

Deletion of inactive user accounts by International-Dating-Portal
If the following two conditions are fulfilled, it shall be assumed that the customer no longer requires the services of International-Dating-Portal and, therefore, the user account can be deleted without prior notification:

  • the last customer log in was at least 3 months ago
  • the customer no longer has an active subscription

All portrait and gallery photos, information about the user, information about the person sought, information about the visitors to the profile and all messages in the personal mailbox will be irrevocably deleted.

Changing the scope of services
International-Dating-Portal is authorised to change individual services or replace them with similar or equivalent services or fully or partially suspend services at any time. This does not result in an obligation to reimburse the customer. International-Dating-Portal is also authorised to discontinue the entire website and thus delete all user accounts as necessary. In this case, the only resulting obligation to reimburse pertains to customers with an active subscription. In this case, the obligation to reimburse corresponds with the remaining duration of the respective subscription. When deleting user accounts without a current subscription, no obligation to reimburse results under any circumstances on International-Dating-Portal's part, regardless of the reason for the deletion.

Website interruptions due to maintenance
In order to perform maintenance on the system, interruptions are unavoidable. International-Dating-Portal does, however, strive to keep these interruptions as short as possible. This still does not result in an obligation to compensate the customer for damages. Whether or not the customer has an active subscription at the time of the interruption is irrelevant.

Website interruptions due to other causes
Even if no maintenance is being performed on the system, customers' access to the International-Dating-Portal website may be limited or impossible. Causes can be, e.g. PC problems on the customer's side or network problems. This also does not result in an obligation to compensate the customer for damages. Whether or not the customer has an active subscription at the time is irrelevant.

Final provisions
International-Dating-Portal reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions at any time. Should individual points be invalid, the remaining provisions remain valid. Swiss law applies and jurisdiction is in Zurich, Switzerland.