First, log in to International-Dating-Portal (see also: How do I log in?). After successfully logging on, the Mailbox menu will appear at the top of the page. If you select this menu, the different sections of your mailbox will appear.

  • Received Messages
    All messages you receive from other users are archived in Received Messages. To do this, click Received in your letterbox.
  • Sent Messages
    All of the messages you send to other users are stored in Sent Messages. To do this click Sent in your letterbox.
  • Delete Message
    To delete a message, click on the 3 points and then click on Delete.
  • New Message
    If you click on the New Message button and have a paid subscription, a form for drafting a new message will appear (see also: Why do I even need a paid subscription? and How do I purchase a subscription?). Fill out the To field with the username of the recipient (please only enter 1 username) and write your text in the Message field. Then press the Send Message button to send the message.